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Registration for Free Trial

Just a few simple steps to register for an account, you can try the comprehensive eshopland ecommerce platform for free and start your online business right away.

Quick Start

On eshopland, using the “Quick Start” feature, simply enter the basic shop info to auto generate your “Basic Shop” and run your business immediately.

Adding a Product

On eshopland platform, you can sell different types of products and add product images, categories, keywords, SKU, prices, weight, stock, etc.

Adding Product with Variants

eshopland allows you to add variants to your products, such as colors, sizes, weight, etc. You can also add individual settings for the product variants.

Adding Shipping Methods

You can add different shipping methods for your customers’ selection, such as pick-up, charge on delivery, SF Express, local courier services, etc.

Stripe Auto Payment Method

eshopland platform supports using Stripe as one of the payment methods of your online shop. Your customers will be able to make payment by credit cards and e-wallets.

Manual Payment Method

eshopland supports various manual payment methods such as bank transfer, Alipay HK, PayMe, WeChat Pay, etc.

Custom Payment Method

You can customize payment methods for your online shop, such as setting cash on delivery or pay at store to suit your business requirements.

General Order Settings

On eshopland, you can set order status update mode, auto cancel “payment expired” orders, order limit, etc., to maintain smooth operations more efficiently.

Out of Stock Alerts

You can set to receive auto alert email notifications when your inventory is low in stock, insufficient or running out-of-stock.

Product Inventory Management

On eshopland ecommerce platform, you can view and manage the product inventory or check the product low stock, insufficient stock and out-of-stock status very conveniently.

Setting Deals and Offers

You can set different types of promotional offers and add terms onto the offers to best fit your business requirements.

Order Editing

Designated plan users can edit unshipped orders on admin panel. We offer you a higher operational flexibility to satisfy different requirements of your shop’s customers.

Order Splitting

To enhance your operational flexibility, specific plan users can split order on eshopland Admin Panel, to fulfill your customers’ needs.

Accept Out-of-stock Orders (Pre-Ordering)

eshopland platform has equipped with accept out-of-stock orders feature, or knowns as pre-ordering, for merchants to sell arriving soon new products on the online shop.

Layout Designer

The eshopland Layout Designer is equipped with comprehensive features, no coding is required. You can simply design the shop layout and content as the way you want.

e-Shop Templates

A wide range of stylish in responsive web design e-shop templates are available for use. Simply edit the text and change the images, your customized online shop will be instantly ready for business.

Setting the Navigation & Footer Menus

You can customize and set the items to be displayed on the Navigation Menu and Footer Menu of your online shop, to match your operational needs.

Design the Navigation & Footer Bars

On eshopland Layout Designer, you can design the Navigation Menu Bar and Footer Menu Bar, such as setting a transparent navigation bar for your webpages.

Pexels Free Stock Photos

eshopland integrates with Pexels free stock photos website, empowering merchants to use millions of high-quality royalty free stock images to create and design your online shop webpages.

Basic Text Field Module

On eshopland Layout Designer, the Basic Text Field module is created for inputting plain text content and setting simple styling on font and layout format.

Advanced Text Field Module

The advanced text field module is equipped with different text formatting and styling features for writing shop content and designing the layout.

Image & Text Module

Adding Image & Text modules onto your online shop webpages to promote your products and special offers more clearly and stylishly for better marketing results.

Full Width Image & Text Module

Adding Full Width Image & Text modules onto your online shop webpages can effectively enhance the visual effects and attract customers’ concentration.

Featured Products Module

You can add a Featured Products module onto the webpage to promote new products or special deals, attract customers’ concentration and boost sales.

Product Highlights Module

Product Highlights module is equipped with multi-functions for adding image, title, description and link of your highlighted products.

Banner Image Module

On eshopland Layout Designer, you can add banner images onto your pages to attract customers’ attention and build up your brand.

Full Width Banner Image Module

Adding eye-catching and representing full width images onto your online shop can create better visual effects and effectively build up shop and brand images.

All Product List Module

Add an All Product List module onto your shop’s webpage, customers can browse all your products on the page more directly and conveniently.

Carousel Module

A slider or carousel can project strong visual attraction to your online shop visitors, bring more web traffic and effectively grow sales.

Full Width Carousel Module

On eshopland, you can add full width carousel or slider onto your webpages to enhance marketing effects and boost your shop sales.

Facebook Live and Video Module

Adding Facebook live streaming and videos onto your online shop, allowing customers to know more about your brand and your products.

YouTube Live and Video Module

You can add YouTube live streaming and videos onto your eshopland online shop webpages to enhance shop’s reputation and attract more traffic.
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