eshopland FAQ

eshopland FAQ

No matter you are new to the e-commerce business industry or looking for an alternative platform, this guide will help you know more about how eshopland can empower you to build and run your online business with ease.

To learn more about the instructions of eshopland, please visit our Support Center.

About eshopland

  • What is eshopland e-commerce platform service?

    eshopland is a comprehensive e-commerce platform which empowers merchant to build and run your online business with ease.
    Merchant can customize shop design and manage online business through eshopland platform. eshopland e-commerce platform is easy-to-use and comprehensive; allowing merchant to design shop webpages without coding and manage shop products, orders, members, payment, inventory, shipment and so on effortlessly.

  • How much does eshopland cost?

    You can try eshopland free for 14 days, no credit card required.
    eshopland offers “Standard”, “Advanced” and “Professional” plans equipped with different e-commerce services to satisfy merchants’ different requirements. Merchant can select our monthly or yearly service plan, please visit our Pricing for details of our service plans.
    Charges are negotiable for customized solutions, contact us for more details.

  • Does eshopland platform charge commission?

    No. eshopland offers all-in-one service subscription, merchant only has to pay one fixed price to enjoy all features included in the selected service plans, no commission, no add-on plugin charges, no hidden charges and no system maintenance fees will be charged. eshopland supports you to run your online business with no worries by the all-inclusive plans.

  • Can I upgrade to other service plan after purchased eshopland plan?

    Yes. Merchant can upgrade to higher monthly or yearly service plans respectively after purchased eshopland plan. The system will count your paid fees by day and deduct the used period of service to calculate the balance you are required to settle for upgrade.

  • I am new to e-commerce, neither a designer nor developer, can I use eshopland?

    Yes. The design tools and admin panel of eshopland are easy to use, no coding required. Even you are inexperienced, neither a designer nor developer, you still can use our layout designer and free shop templates to design your personalized online shop with ease. Additionally, merchant can simply enter basic shop information through our “Quick Start” tool to auto generate an online shop and start your business in a glance.

  • Can I use my domain name with eshopland?

    Yes. If you already have a domain name, you can connect it to eshopland on your shop admin panel.
    If you don’t have a domain name, eshopland will offer you a free shop link, empowering you to start building your own brand.

  • Can I transfer my data from other platform to eshopland?

    Yes. eshopland will assist you on shop data transfer. Please feel free to contact us to know more details.

  • Does eshopland provide refunds?

    No. eshopland does not provide any refunds. Service fees paid are non-refundable and non-transferable. In case of any disputes, the decision of eshopland shall be final.

About Shop Operations

  • Can the eshopland online shop webpages be viewed on desktop or mobile?

    All shop webpages built on eshopland use responsive web design (RWD) technology which makes webpages adapt to the scaling requirements on different screen environment and render well on a variety of devices like smartphones, tablets, desktop computers or other devices.

  • Where can I manage my eshopland online shop?

    Merchant can manage your online shop on our web version admin panel or simply download the free eshopland mobile applications (both Android and iOS versions are available) to manage your online shop design and business on any devices, anytime and anywhere.

  • Can I use the eshopland templates?

    Yes. Once you have registered for trial, you can apply or change to any of our shop templates at any time. After you have applied a template, you can adjust, add or remove the design modules, to personalize your shop content with high flexbility. Using our shop templates, simply edit the text and change the images, your customized online shop will be instantly ready for business.

  • Can customer complete payment through the shop?

    Yes. eshopland has integrated different third-party payment gateways, supports multiple online and offline payment options such as credit cards, payment platforms and e-wallets. Customer can choose the most convenient way to complete online shopping payment through the shop.

  • Can I use logistics automation services on eshopland?

    Yes. eshopland e-commerce system has been integrated third party logistics automation platform, supporting instant rate quotation for orders, order submission, parcel collection, waybill printing and tracking. Merchant can register an account through the admin panel to enjoy the logistics automation services.

  • Can eshopland help to improve the SEO of my shop?

    Yes. eshopland has integrated 5 Google free search engine optimization (SEO) tools, which include Google Analytics, Google Search Console, submit Sitemap to Google, Google Tag Manager and Google Merchant Center. Merchant can make use of these free Google SEO tools on eshopland admin panel to increase organic traffic of your online shop and get more potential customers.

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